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Design is my passion, I thrive on small and large design projects, working independently or within a team. My vision is of clean and structured design with emphasis on fine details and aesthetics.

I'm an experienced Product Designer - designing mobile app for both iOS and Android, with the knowledge of Online Marketing, Communication, HTML/CSS, Video production and much more which allows me to combine my Design knowledge with other areas. Digital Design industry is so dynamic, it allows me an amazing degree of creative freedom and gives me a great joy to be part of it. It's wonderful to see the companies I’m working for thrive and succeed, knowing I was a contributing factor to that success.

I'm a hard-working and flexible creative with proven record of delivering innovative design solutions. I have 5+ years of experience in the field working with UI/UX Design, Web Design as well as experience with creating Branding and Visual Identities. I pride myself on being adaptive, innovative, goal orientated and focused. I engage with the design community and continue to challenge myself personally and professionally. I design to be purposeful and influential, fulfilling the aspirations of clients, bringing their vision to reality.

🎈 Outside of design, I enjoy travelling to new places, photography, my gym classes and playing a match of table foosball here and there.

📖 These days, I'm learning and develping my skills/knowledge about actionable gamification.


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“My goal is to create a life I don't need a vacation from.”