🎨 Formation Design System

IG FORMATION is IG Groups design system and vision foe all new productsto follow. IG has many digital touch points at different stages in their development lifecycle, some areas still use old legacy style.
Design systems bring order and consistency to products. They help to protect the brand, elevate the user experience, and increase the speed and efficiency of how we design and build products.

Client: IG Group
Type: Design System


• You’re building the same things over and over.
• Designers are asking the same questions over and over.
• You have four different types of tooltips, five different modals, and ten different buttons styles...and more
• You need to be able to design with a common language that upholds your company’s brand and engenders trust
• You want to spend more time thinking about the experience and less time figuring out which button to use and where.
• Designers tend to create outside of the brand aesthetic, which makes things very difficult to iterate and change over time - but also adds both technical and design debt
• Design is separate from engineering, so you don’t often talk about building or sharing components. You typically just build out one-off features.
• It takes months to onboard your new engineers, designers, and product managers.
• Some designers think systematically about how a design could be leveraged by others, but it’s not your standard methodology.


The Formation website acts as hub for designers and developers to understand our patterns, download assets and navigate and navigate to their native component libraries. we created the diagram below to identify the different audiences we needed to serve and technologies the system has to support. We have build fully working sketch libraries for all our products, which has already increased our teams productivity and efficiency by removing the leg work of designing everything from scratch.

Building design systems is tricky. It relies on a huge amount of hard work and collaboration from across a business. It also requires a certain kind of mindset. Unlike the brand guidelines and style guides that came before, design systems are living entities that need to constantly evolve to stay relevant useful.