🌚 Welcome to the Dark side...

Most of the people think about 'dark mode' as a matter of taste and preference. However, in the trading world dark mode became neccessary because of the environment traders usually trade in. Low-light room settings and checking their app early in the morning or right before they fall asleep, traders often find bright light apps to be disturbing and difficult to look at. Most importantly, dark mode helps to prevent eye strain.

To find out more about this long-term project, you can continue to my next work called 'Risky Business'.

Client: IG Group
Type: Mobile app

But it is not just dry and painful eyes we get from looking at bright blue screens all day long. Exposure to light also suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone needed for sleep. That is also the reason why many of our car dashboards are now blue – to keep us up and alert.